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Our operations team manage the entire transportation process


Our transport management and haulage systems are implemented to manage the entire transportation process which facilitates a high quality service

With a fleet of over 100 vehicles and 150 trailers at our disposal, RGF Logistics Limited uses sophisticated transport management systems to ensure that your goods are carried quickly and safely to their chosen destination, and most importantly arrive on time. We utilise three systems which are all designed to effective manage our haulage fleet to ensure we provide you with the highest possible levels of customer service.


Our booking system is a bespoke software package provided by Stirling Solutions. The system is used throughout the haulage industry and can be modified to suit the company's needs. The system allows us to effectively book your delivery requirements and manage the process, and we can also provide you with detailed reports and electronic POD's which can be retrieved directly from the system.


Tom Tom is a GPS vehicle traffic system which allows us to track all fleet activity so that we know where a vehicle is at any given time. Our drivers all have hands free mobiles which means that through the system we can not only find out where your vehicle is but also contact the driver directly if need be.


Like Tom Tom, Road Angel is also a GPS vehicle tracking system - we use this as a dedicated system for particular clients. In other words, we can track only the vehicles that are working on a customer's particular contract.


RGF Logistics Ltd has been around for a long time - we have operated successfully in a challenging market place for more than 40 years. In that time, we have built up knowledge and experience which is second to none, and this is reflected in our services. With continuous investment in our infrastructure, we offer our customers high quality transport and logistics solutions backed by a modern fleet and leading edge back office systems.

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