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Our fulfilment services extends to companies looking to import goods into the UK, providing dedicated warehousing and a modern haulage fleet for distribution

In essence, inbound logistics is all about fulfilment and is a natural extension of haulage operations, providing added value services to customers who need their product to be stored and redistributed. Inbound logistics services will benefit any company looking to import and distribute goods around the UK and RGF are well placed to manage this process on your behalf.


RGF Logistics Limited offers an impressive inbound logistics option taking in a variety of services to ensure your products are disseminated and expedited to your clients. These services include state of the art warehousing with pick and pack operations where we can take your products in bulk, repack them and distribute them as dedicated consignments to the end consumer.

Retention of your company identity is also important which is why we offer liveried vehicles and fully trained uniformed drivers as part of the distribution process.


These operations of course would be worthless without considerable investment in a modern fleet of vehicles and computerised systems to manage the entire process including stock control and inventory management plus the ability for our clients to track and trace their consignments online.

As a market leader in inbound logistics, we take your distribution needs and handle them from door to door and as a distribution option, RGF Logistics Ltd has unrivalled levels of customer service coupled with years of dedicated "in the field" experience.


RGF Logistics Ltd has been around for a long time - we have operated successfully in a challenging market place for more than 40 years. In that time, we have built up knowledge and experience which is second to none, and this is reflected in our services. With continuous investment in our infrastructure, we offer our customers high quality transport and logistics solutions backed by a modern fleet and leading edge back office systems.

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