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We produce key perfromance indicators for our customers to highlight transport performance


We produce KPI management reports for our customers to ensure that we are offer services to the highest possible standards

RGF Logistics Limited provides transport services to a number of high profile customers and many of them require detailed performance statistics which are regularly evaluated to improve.

Most modern businesses nowadays operate and run their companies based on evaluating KPI's (key performance indicators). These statistics are used as part of improvement programs to ultimately better serve their customers. In the case of larger businesses, suppliers are called upon to also offer KPI's for evaluation.

In RGF's case these KPI's can take a variety of forms. A popular report we provide is based around 'on-time delivery' - we provide a spread sheet with all monthly delivery transactions and will show all delivery statuses whether on-time or late. We will also indicate in any cases where the delivery is late, the reason behind it.

Whilst late delivery in the transport industry is inevitable at times, KPI reporting of this type can help to evaluate common problems and therefore improve performance. We also supply our customers with a graph which gives a simple and clear visible aid for our customers to tell exactly how we are doing month by month.

An extension of this report could be 'On-Time in Full' which essentially tracks the status of a clean delivery i.e. delivered on time, no damage, no problems to speak of. This is a more detailed report which provides our customers with an in depth insight into the daily deliveries being made.


RGF Logistics Ltd has been around for a long time - we have operated successfully in a challenging market place for more than 40 years. In that time, we have built up knowledge and experience which is second to none, and this is reflected in our services. With continuous investment in our infrastructure, we offer our customers high quality transport and logistics solutions backed by a modern fleet and leading edge back office systems.

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