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Driver assessments, HGV driver assessments


We offer in-house HGV driver assessments which can have a positive impact on your business and can reduce your operating costs

We have a qualified LGV instructor onsite who is able to perform driver assessments. Driver assessments are necessary for a variety of reasons. For a start, it can actually improve driver performance and reduce company costs. For example, better driving could improve fuel efficiency which could save the company a great deal of money over time, especially if they operate within a sizeable fleet. Wear and tear is also a determining factor and again offers lucrative savings to the company with better driving.

Driver assessment can also be important after a serious incident where the competency of the driver needs to be assessed. This information can be used and submitted in the claims process. It can also be used as part of the disciplinary process.

The driver assessment involves a driving test over a pre-determined route where the qualities of the driving are assessed and reported on. The entire process is observed by our qualified instructor. Comparisons are made with results taken previously involving the best and worst performance on the route - essentially it is a benchmarking process.


  • Driving impact on fuel consumption
  • Safe handling and defensive driving
  • Ability to minimise wear and tear
  • Ability to recognise and perceive hazards
  • Performing daily walk around checks
  • General road sense and lane discipline
  • General manoeuvring ability
  • Observing speed limits and traffic regulations


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